Flying a racing drone with 3.6mm lens?

Yes, lots of crashes! As racing and freestyle drones move towards ever-shorter lenses, I decided to go back to a 3.6mm lens with 90 degrees field of view to see how that would work on the Runcam Split 2. Tell me what you think.

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  1. i thought the image looked really good, think it was a good bit below 120deg, but for landscapes thats just what you want, i'm looking at 90deg supercinemaview'd runcam 5 stuff using 2.7k

  2. Yes, but not in detail and as far as the image, it was done with my phone, which is not that good
    This build does consist of all parts that came prebuilt withe the Diatone gt 2019 r349, with the exception of the Runcam tx 200.
    As you may already know this particular quad also came with the Unify transmiter. Thank you so much for your help…

  3. hmm. may be a bit narrow 4 my flying leaps .But now I see why you would want to use with that cam..This helped me put to consideration of how to get full camera sensor poetical .

  4. Wow Bruce… what an edit that was!
    Trippy Hip Hop music and jump around style editing. You must’ve had some extra time on your hands. ??.
    Great video.
    BTW. I’m looking to get a slope soaring glider type plane. What would you recommend?
    I’m looking at a Calypso. ?
    I’m an experienced pilot, but I’ve never flown a glider before. I don’t want a pusher prop bixler style plane either. Ugly…

  5. Do you have a video building a quad with the Runcam micro swift 3 v2, frsky xm+ receiver and Rumcam tx200 or something similar? Having great difficulties with my build…. I'm building the Diatone gt 2019 r349, or at least I'm trying to…Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ironically, I like a 3.6 lens for fixed wing and higher altitudes. Definitely need the wider FOV of a 2.8 or 2.1 when down low and proximity flying.

  7. Ha, that was my first lens. Flying got SO much easier when I went to a wider lens. In fact that was my very first drone video on youtube. Before my channel even existed 🙂

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