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  1. dont get it why this dark mode is such a big deal now.Ive been using it on my 1+ 3T for 3 years now.Yet i always see in tech videos that this phone has now a dark mode,that one has, etc etc, before the new android version which will have it build in.

  2. I bought the Zenfone 6 and the only thing I wish it had is OIS on the main camera. There are certain lighting conditions where my old lg v20 ends up taking better pictures(at least when pixel peeping).

  3. I would have bought the ZP6 if I weren't so reliant on the stylus. I wish someone other than Samsung made stylus phones, but it's been 11 years and nobody has stepped up for some reason. I think the flipping main camera is the most genius front camera solution rivaled but nothing other than the Mate X. No matter how good a front camera will be, it won't be as good as the main camera, so why not use them from selfies too? Genius. But alas, no stylus.

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