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  1. "IGN gave ancestors a 7 and red dead redemption 2 a 10. Keep that in mind." -Every moron IGN commenter ever who doesn't know there are different reviewers

  2. If you want to know the truth about what happened to "Assassin's Creed", read this please : During the development of AC Brotherhood, Ubisoft approached Patrice Desilets (the maker of AC and a worker at UBI since PoP 1) to demand yearly releases for AC since it was selling very well (10m copies AC1 – PoP 3m) Patrice, working in Gaming out of passion and not greed, refused. The result was that they fired him after 20 years of work.Every other AC that came after AC Brotherhood felt "different" or "lacking" something and that's SOUL, that's what it's lacking. Patrice went on to his own studio, working on a spiritual successor to AC called 1666: Amsterdam (there is a YT trailer) but guess what happened, UBI bought his studio and acquired the IP then fired Desilets. It was a threat to AC since it was made by the man who brought their cash cow to life.
    @butefluko (2/2) It took years of legal battle to get the assets back but now they are outdated and UBI has sunk its teeth too deep in AC's neck to change anything about it. AC 3, AC 4, ROGUE, UNITY etc, they're NOT CANON. They're either spin offs or shadows of the true AC. Before you say that it's just an opinion, the ORIGINAL author was fired. Imagine Game Of Thrones without George RR Martin. How would that be? Oh wait no need to imagine, just go watch the show post George's direction. It's being called bad fanfiction, that's what AC post Ezio is, FANFICTION. The original author was ousted, with him went Jasper Kyd, Jade Raymond and so on. Every other AC that came after Rev was an amateur chef trying to replicate the recipe as right possible. Yet they all miss the point, it's not about the profit or the rentability it's about the process, the passion, and that is gone with Desilets.

  3. I say you guys gave it a fair score I believe if they had 1 or 2 more years this game could have been 8.5 or 9 but it well only get there by updates now

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