BTC Price After MASS ADOPTION | What is Mimblewimble? Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin News

What might 1 BTC be worth after mass adoption? This is something that Mattie will look into. He will also talk about the Winklevoss Twins making a serious wall street bitcoin warning.

In addition, Mimblewimble is something that Mattie​ will dig into and tell you everything you need to know.
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Bitcoin: What Could 1 BTC be Worth After Mass Adoption?

The Winklevoss Twins Made A Serious Wall Street Bitcoin Warning


What is Mimblewimble?

Do You Know What Mimblewimble Is? Because It is About Time

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  3. I can’t stand this guys voice still and I swore it was over between me and altcoin buzz many months ago but he has actually won me over. Great content prevails. Thanks Matty!

  4. I have gathered most of my btc stash towards the end of 2018 and some even in 2015(should have bought way more when it was 200$ lol). I'm in for the long run. I still buy now but less but I add fractions of btc especially on the dips or every month from some money i do online

  5. Hal made that prediction then…seems like either he is beyond brilliant or if he created the best amount of Bitcoin and how many satoshi in one Bitcoin. haha

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