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  1. OK! I'm just gonna say it even though it's an unpopular opinion, but I can't stand the names of these movies or the plots. It's all rehashes. Luke already was the Last Jedi, as well as fitting the role of Rise of the Skywalker. Anakin in the prequels also was Rise of the Skywalker. I mean, come on. This redundancy is ridiculous!

  2. Going off the idea that Rey & Kylo will surpass & ascend their predecessors by fully embracing the Force instead of only one side of it [thus no longer being Jedi nor Sith, but rather becoming Skywalkers]…

    Dark Rey is a vision shown to her to entice her, not scare her. It's one of those, "look at the power the Dark Side offers" type of moments.

    Hell, it could be a vision she has while building a lightsaber
    Someone/thing trying to get her to bleed the Kyber & showing her possibilities of power. Like a mirrored version of what happened with Vader when he made his red saber

  3. What happened to "hey its okay for reys heritage to not be important, let the past die and kill it broo/u don't like it cuz it defied ur expectations"

  4. I remember when I saw Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey wants to know who is her father is that does not mean she went to Dark side Luke Trained her then she became Jedi she saved everyone from the cave she was using the force

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