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  1. Hello sir good evening
    Sir you unboxing videoes are very good and sir you are awesome
    But sir I'm a medical student but
    I belong to a very poor family
    And I have a channel (excellent studies)
    I'm not able to afford a good camera phone so can you give me a lg v 50
    I'll so kind of you?

  2. WTF??! ?? is everything scamming us by giving us fake audio drivers.. How can sound be like after all we all have seen ? air pods do it doesn't even last charge.

  3. The whole bone conduction has always intrigued me. I recently bought a Huawei P30 Pro, and it sends audio through the screen when you use it as a regular phone, not on speaker mode I believe. It's not exactly bone conducting but very intriguing again.

  4. These would actually be amazing for me, being deaf in my left ear, but I can hear with bone conduction hearing aids so this would give me an amazing experience with both ears which I haven’t had for years!

  5. I have a pair and if I had to use one word to describe it’d be, “freedom.” I like the ability to listen to music while I workout, work in the office, and do other things while still hearing my surroundings. It’s like having a soundtrack for life. These are the only headphones allowed in many marathons due to the wearer still being able to hear race officials. Bass is lacking but the sound quality is great. These weren’t made with deep bass immersion in mind. the design language was to open you up to the world. Imagine, it’s like listening to a YouTube video or some background music on a Bluetooth speaker, the only difference is that others around you can’t hear what you’re listening to.

    Also, he doesn’t mention it here, but people with outer and middle ear hearing impairment will be able to hear these as the vibrations bypass and go directly to your inner ear and vibrates the cochlea. Best way to describe is like the sound is inside your head.

    The mind blowing part is if you put the included earplugs in (maybe for listening to music in environments that require hearing protection, or maybe for temporary isolation) that’s when your mind really gets blown. Bass thumps and they sound like regular headphones/earbuds. But your ears are plugged!

    Wasn’t sure they were going to be worth the $160 but I can say I’m super happy with them!

  6. Turn off the background music so we can hear if there's bleed. When you play music like that, we have no feel for whether or not this thing is working well or not!

    The review was much less valuable to me because you didn't turn off the mixed-in music track and let me hear live what's in your immediate environment. Also, how well does it work with non-music content, like phone calls, podcasts, or audiobooks?

  7. Put your fingers in your ears, the sound is amazing! I use these when I’m working around super loud machinery. I wear the ear plugs with them. Great sound!and I protect my hearing.
    Also, the company is amazing and they honor their replacement guarantee. Love them

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