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  1. Cancelled my pre-order. Not sold on this and I`ve not had a good time with previous Platinum games. Especially ones where they`ve not committed to a specific and genre and tried to blend several together (Automata). Thanks GameXplain for helping me save money.

  2. definitely looking to pick this one up as soon as I can….a new IP from Nintendo & Platinum with amazing music & character designs? sign me the heck up!

    also already hoping the protagonist Neuron Officer can join Smash eventually. He/She could be awesome to play as ( and yes, it should be a case like Robin, Corrin, WFT etc and alternate between the male & female. especially since Astral Chain's protagonists are twins )

  3. I just can't handle a game where so much is happening on the screen at once. It overwhelms me. This looks like one of those games. I get a headache just watching someone else play the game. I hope y'all enjoy it tho.

  4. After seeing E3 gameplay I was on the fence and now I'm even more on the fence ._. I'm not good at these quick-reaction-combat kind of games so it makes me think I'll get stuck somewhere and never want to return to it out of frustration

  5. Everybody needs to understand that this game is not going to be perfect it's just an experiment into something new it's been done but yet it hasn't been done but anyway you look at it it's still a step in the right direction some of the things that they have learned in this game I'm sure will be implemented in Bayonetta 3 but we all knew it was going to either score a high eight or nine but we all new that from the get-go and don't worry in 3 to 2 years I'm sure we'll have a sequel and just my final thought it'd be very cool if we got Nayer before Bayonetta 3

  6. criticism of pacing is one of the most subjective criticisms there is.
    someone that plays c/rpgs has a way bigger attention span than someone who spams fortnite 8h/d

  7. I mean, in a post Devil May Cry 5 world, Platinum really needs to step up their game. This wasn't it and I've a feeling Bayonetta 3 won't be either.

  8. Ok the multiplayer in these kinds of games needs an overhaul, I just want a game where we can play multiplayer as the main characters the only company I’ve seen do this effectively is Nintendo.

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