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  1. Hi IGN and Hi to the beautiful person scrolling down the comment section. Have a wonderful day and a blessing life

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  2. We can all agree that Disney/Sony is currently causing a much larger, legitimate error. A DCEU level, behind the scenes error that could potentially be the MCU's downfall.

  3. The fact he could have used the time stone to turn thanos into a child/infant

    The fact he could have separated thanos's arm from his body (dont care what the Russo brothers say, if a portal is closed between 2 points, nothing can change the fact that it would have removed his arm)

    Putting Thanos in a time loop to allow his new allies to make better plans

    If war machine couldnt kill baby thanos, you think cable would do it? Would it be considered suicide? How did thanos forget old boy (american garbage remake?)

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