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  1. 2019 the year of the clowns.
    Captain Marvel for having the most empty seats.
    Thanos being the weakest villain.
    Pennywise being the scariest clown.
    And Joker, the prince of them all.

  2. This may be the first movie with a DC charector that I love more then marvel. From the trailer it has a vibe or Nicholson's and Heath's. Anyone think the mask in the garbage was a little node the Heath's? I'm just excited for something different??

  3. I am sort of torn. One of the biggest things about the joker’s character is his lack of origin( in fact the joker takes pride in this) Plus, in many regards the Joker is Batman’s equal, able to keep up and sometimes outpace the caped crusader psychologically. This guy can build bombs and complex chemical compounds over the weekend, can instill fear and loyalty in his underlings, mentally and emotionally manipulate a competent psychologist ( looking at you Harley) and can outwit the rest of Gotham’s rogue gallery on a weekly basis. I don’t think I’m going to see much of the guy who turned into that with this story because it seems to be focusing on him as though he were some philosophical tortured revolutionary than the criminal psychopath he’s become famous for. I don’t think the joker is meant to he a sympathetic character. I think he was meant to be a monster that puts as much unrelenting thought and effort into hurting people as Batman does to save them.

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