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  1. Just got it on steam summer sale played 5 hour had a blast so far a stunning game one thing is odd gpu use at 1440p 73% on a 1070 everything maxed and frame rate below 100 odd cpu use on my i7 is like 40 to 50 percent tops on all cores and threads

  2. Must be the only one that really doesn't feel this game. Loved Bioshock part 1. This however feels to trippy and chaotic. Don't like the level structure neither. Just running around everywhere. The hook is cool though. Story wise couldn't care less about Booker or Elizabeth. It also fails to have the same impact as Bioshock 1, to me that is. Part really was a mysterious journey. Some hidden city under the sea with that lighthouse as entrance. It grabbed me from the first second till the last. This one simply doesn't and every level I wish it's the last because I want to finish the game but it feels more like a chore than fun

  3. I have beaten this game six times, including hard mode and 1999 mode. I can't stop playing it, it's the most amazing experience you can never have. If anyone in the comments has not played this game, you need to play it. An experience you will never forget, full of emotions of every range. This offers beauty, happyness, sadness, pure astonishment, and some of the best character development ever. You will be drawn into this gorgeous world like you're actually there. With the best pacing, combat variety, attention to detail and shear adrenaline rushing combat. This game makes you think, you never become uninterested with the story. The writing is some of the best since The last of us and FFVII. Game designers need to look at how 2K designed the combat, vigors, balance of weapons, and giving the player a sense of accomplishment and progress. The better you get, the better the game gets. This game if full of Secrets gallore! Strategic placing of Fusions and gear, many places, shops, and explorative areas, this game has it all. Seriously, if you haven't played this gamr, get it. If you're a console player, you can get the remastered version with all the DLC at an beautiful silky smooth 60fps at 1080p for $20, only $20 dollars.Did I mention this game is gorgeous? Why is this game not at 10? This game is a first person shooter and it does a better job than games in other genres are supposed to do. I love this game to death and people should respect this game for everything it accomplished, even if you don't like it. Thank y'all for reading this??

  4. It's a letdown for these reasons. One, you're once again a human instead of a Big Daddy. Two, weapon limits. Three, it plays like a modern shooter. Four, it's linear. Five, no multiplayer as an extra. Six, no Big Daddies. Seven, hand-holding. Eight, cinematic focus. Nine, focus on graphics. And ten, it focused too much on story.

  5. Just finished playing it on PC Including the BaS dlc and I just gotta say that if you want some feels play the fuckin DLC man i mean it's a fuckin rollercoaster.

  6. They shouldn't have called this bioshock smh not a horror game at all more like a whoreor game (spoiler alert sorry) but this game should have not been called bioshock it is just an emotional thriller…

  7. The bioshock games, especially Infinite, are absolutely amazing & unique. This one is definitely in my top 10 fav games of all time.

  8. was a good game, but it wasn't amazing. i thought the story and characters were very well done. but the gameplay got a bit boring after the first half. there was way too many vigors and weapons that I didn't bother using. I just stuck with the same 2-3 guns and vigors the whole game. felt that the other weapon options you had were average at best.

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