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  1. Give these guys the Saw IP make it same style of Until Dawn & you get to play as Jigsaw, his victims in the traps & the cops using each perspective you’ll figure out how escape the traps. That’s my dream game

  2. I know that the best thing to do when on a ship in distress is to go hard to starboard or port (doesn't really matter which) rotate the shield frequency and launch all fighters!

  3. She said that the corridors were bland and uninspired twice. It is a horror game set on a WWII freighter…. I would be more upset if the corridors were bright and beautiful. This is like playing a LEGO game and being upset that everything is made out of little bricks.

  4. There is Sequel called Little Hope from this Game Developer!!! Must be Creepier than Man of Medan!!! ??? Anyway Which One is Better, Until Dawn or Detroit Become Human or Man of Medan ???

  5. All this and yet you forget its a part of an Anthology of horror games … call Dark Pictures , each game with a common theme that will tie them together… the next game in the 4 part series is called "Little Hope" , It will come in 2020 aka 9-10 months after this game … and 3 months after the release date of Man of Medan , it will get a Free DLC that will Unlock the Directors mode … oh and by the way the trailer for the next part … IS ALREADY UP

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