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  1. Imagine the cases for this phone, they have to take into consideration the front/back screens along with all of the cameras.

  2. Cons Nubia Z20
    .. the back easily scratch and u cant see nothing on screen
    – the back glass shatter , painful to take selfie no more
    – u keep accidentally answer the phone with the back side

  3. Also assuming the GPU/CPU will vary dependent upon your locality. As usual when it comes to international phone models.

  4. Thank you for returning To Your Roots can you do this consistently if it ain't broke don't fix it forget your Lou later garbage Channel I don't forget talking about why you're doing something and what's going on and using big words just get to the damn point like you do in videos like this

  5. Why don't you just put a clear case on it. Specially made cases with crystal clear backs won't interfere with camera operation and that all you're going to use the second display for

  6. Why do all these youtube unboxings end up being one long camera review? The most important thing to anyone considering this phone is how to protect it. I know the original came with a bumper style case that framed the rear screen and cameras with a raised lip for the front screen. But we didn't get a chance to see what was there since the video was 75% camera.

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