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With the popularity of drones growing rapidly over the last 12 months there’s now even a contest. Drone pilots can test their skills in flying their machines around an obstacle course at speeds of 60 mph (100 kph). BBC Click’s Marc Cieslak finds out more.

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  1. No one is stopping women participating. In a few years there will be a hue and cry about "not enough representation of women in the sport" blah blah blah. Men do what they enjoy, women do what THEY enjoy (looking in the mirror and painting their faces). Stop forcing things.

  2. Man this is so awesome ! I only just bought my first drone yesterday and can say that to fly these things takes great skill and a hell of a lot of practise !!
    All these guys in this Comp are masters in my eyes !
    I hope to one day fly as well as them soon.
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. They never show what it actually looks like. They show the HD video from the gopros on the drones, but not the low quality jittery video that you actually see. Thing is, I want to know how good the quality actually gets with the best fatshark goggles and antennas etc, but it's so hard to find that sort of footage.

  4. This looks awesome, It is too bad that i will never be able to afford the tech, And i love flying in any shape it comes. I hope this will pick up to be a major sport in a few years, Will be my new favorite sport then to follow.

  5. I want to start drone racing. I have had a bit of experience with drones, I have a small $50 drone at home that I use inside.Which drone should I get to start racing?, Should I get FPV goggles? if so which FPV goggles should I get? thankyou

  6. One important thing is not told in this video, it must be mentioned, for all who plan to start with this great hobby:
    All video from quadcopters (or drones) here is made with high definition cameras, but it is not quality which you see in googles!
    This video was filmed to SD card and later retrieved, not sent to googles to see immediately.
    In addition to HD camera (gopro, mobius..) quadcopter has small analog video camera connected to transmitter, which send analog video signal to receiver in googles (fat shark googles in this case).
    Quality of that signal is comparable to VHS or analog security cameras, not even close to hd resolution.
    Also, when You look inside googles, it is not very wide picture, but comparable to sitting in mid of back rows of cinema.
    There are "drones" which can transmit live HD signal ( dji phantom 3), but that type of transmittion has some lag, and it is not fast enough for racing.

  7. With the FPV glasses wouldn't it be much better if these quad copters were fitted with dual cameras to give a proper 3d perspective as well as better depth and and elevation perspective?

  8. As someone who is just getting into this hobby over the past few months I can say that FPV flying isn't quite as easy as it looks. There's a weird disconnect that's not exactly like playing a flight sim. Start off with cheap toy-grade quadcopters and line of sight flying. You're also gonna break a lot of propellers and solder connections along the way, but it really is exhilarating – like being a fast bird that sounds like a flying weed wacker….

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