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  1. im kinda disapointed that you didn't discuss how snaped on your ear it is .. how easy is it to drop ? shake your head ? did it feel like it was gona fall off

  2. Do they think people just have spare money to keep spending on the wireless earphones? Giving a price tag of $150 and above to something that can be lost so easily.

  3. It's really refreshing listening to you, I'm not really interested in what you are presenting because 1. I can't afford it and 2. Even if I could I wouldn't buy it.
    Just love listening to you.

  4. I'm not paying over 200 dollars for a portable vagina lol

    srsly tho , this tech is dope and i love it .. just wish it was cheaper Q_Q.

  5. If anyone has these how do these stack up to sound quality from jay bird x3 I know they aren’t the best but it’s the best I have for comparison I also know it’s not the same form factor

  6. Suggestion, they should include a strap to connect the 2 headphone so that we will have the option if we want to look wierd or not in public. Many people are not yet ready for that look. At least give as the time to adapt and when the trend is high, we can remove the strap.

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