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  1. Yo I had the Genesis version but I would always find an excuse to go to my friend's house to play his SNES version. The lava escape level was bananas

  2. Remember The Adventures of Batman & Robin? I wanna say that had 2 different developers also with Konami making the one for SNES. Never played the one for Genesis buy I heard that's one everyone preferred saying as how it was 2 players and was basically a beat'em up. I mastered the SNES version though.

  3. They are both classics. Lion king, goof troop, duck tales, Mickey mouse sega and nintendo all amazing games. Disney need to get there touch back!

  4. Such a shame the Super Nintendo version isn't in the collection, it was one of my favorites games back then. SNES Aladdin still the best Aladdin game out there for me

  5. I grew up with the SNES version, and honestly it is one of my top favorite SNES games ever. I was a little bummed that it isn't on this remaster, but i am excited for the sega version. I never knew that it had Aladdin with a sword!!!!

  6. The two games are completely different, can't people like both?

    One thing is when a game gets ported to multiple consoles, and one of the versions is the best, therefore the only one you should play, but the Aladdin games are different games, made by different studios, you can pick your favorite, but the other one still deserves your time.

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