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  2. China’s digital currency will reportedly come with 1:1 fiat backing

    This report was released yesterday. Furthermore, it delivers some interesting insights on the People’s Bank of China central bank digital currency. First and foremost, the report suggests that the CBDC will receive backing by the fiat currency of China, the renminbi.

  3. if you use 1 day, or 30 day or 4 hours you get different charts and results, so what you expalin? your opinion? which seems uncertain because you say this way and that way, trying to cover your opinions both ways, you use the woreg IF IF IF so let me tell you IF my grandmother had balls, she would be my grandfather. IF IF IF = Somebody who cannot commit to a respectable opinion.

  4. From 8K upwards there wasn't a lot of trading since it was a parabolic move but BTC has been holding a huge range since then. There will be a lot of buying pressure at 8K and downwards so BTC will not be able to move in a parabollic way down as you suggest.

  5. For me if we close below the weekly EMA Ribbon, we are in big trouble. If we hold, I expect to ride along the 21 weekly EMA all the way up. Currently we are very close to touch and we should see a decission within the next view weeks. The current range is between $9000 and $7500. As time goes on, the EMAs are rising and the expected drop becomes smaler. Until then, I just wait.

  6. arent the longs just adding to their position, either averaging down for better entry, and/or reducing liquidation price? some people just arent going to dump out of a position at a loss, for better or worse.

  7. I mean, if i had a ton of money, I would definitely set up a nice 10x short, while dumping even more on spot… makes sense to do in 6 or half dozen market conditions, especially if i was shorting/dumping from a place of profit taking for me.#whalelyf

  8. Sunny? Dubbing the chart with the classical music was actually interesting to me. With the music you can feel or should I say hear the fight between bulls and bears. You can clearly see bitcoin wants to take off but it keeps being held back like as if its in a world of shit. It wants to move higher but maybe not yet is all I get. Keep doing the music, please. I will watch the commercials help you get ad revenue

  9. Looks like btc manipulation is reason for drop. 1 or 2 whales probably made off with some new btc. Idk why people are freaking out literally 1-2 whales could have been responsible for this it's pretty common in history with Bitcoin.

  10. Sunny, for every long or short position there has to be someone to take the other side of the trade, when they both rise together it just means the open interest before wasnt to high and so the price doesnt pump/dump that explosively

  11. 6:30 but sunny what if i went all in right at the top with stupidly overleveraged positions on bitmex so that now even a whale sneeze can wipe me out completely? asking for a friend

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