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  1. Why they keep calling this a kids switch is not a kids toy lol is £200 think I'll spend that on a kid to throw it around and dropping like no one cares you mad lol

  2. The thing I always hate with consoles is that they are the same price in UK & US.
    $200 is much cheaper than £200… (£200 = around $240).

    So why don't they make the prices either cheaper in the UK or more in the US? It's unfair lmao.
    Ok, rant over. 🙂

  3. Can't wait for mine! I already bought Mario Maker 2 , Mario Kart 8 and BOTW, now I just need something to play em on ?

  4. I think the switch lite should be able to work for multiplayer on tv lets say you have a real switch and you connect it to the tv I think the switch lite would be able to be used as another controller just with a screen

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