Trading Bitcoin w/ Sawcruhteez – So When to Buy the Dip? by @ToneVays
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  1. I see these moves by BTC as unnatural As of late, there’s always a massive run from 9.1K to 12K where the buying pressure is relentless… literally relentless and then it stalls… and next comes a waterfall drop back to 9.5K with no buyers present. The price is falling with no bottom in sight. And then, when we touch the bottom border of what is a wedge formation at 9.5K, we immediately begin running back up. With strong buying pressure. it doesn’t feel natural to me. As it is not seen in any other markets. But in the meantime advantages could be taken in any market condition through day trading. As a trader you must be seasoned and well experience to make gains and profit in any market condition but also unorthodox approach can be taken by mirroring and implementing trade signals of a professional trader into your own trade. I have been able to accumulate my portfolio to 10 btc by implementing trade signals daily by Caleb Easterby. And that should be a major concern to all accumulating as much as you can in this market trend, Caleb can be reached through his mail calebeasterby1190@gmailcom for any cryptocurrency inquiries.

  2. Since you’re inviting traders on you should invite Philakone. I remember he mentioned that you inspired him in his earlier days. He literally grew his wealth for everyone to see on YouTube through trading. Very transparent.

  3. Corn's gonna blast through $13873, shorting will teach you the best lesson in "POVERTY"

    Be patient buy the dip close to $9k as possible

    Goodluck everybody

  4. Agreed Saw! 9850 is the important level.. if can close there then 10K and 11kK are on the table ..if not much lower to come … 9400 will not hold and 9000 finally breaks down

  5. Alt-coins losts are BTC's gains :HOWEVER: BTC's gains are Alt-coin gains…. go figure?? Were you to look at LTC with the Ti sequential indicator you would see on a weekly chart LTC is on a RED 9. So an significant up tick in LTC should start a bullish move "in a week or two" (hehe) Which for "some" is a leading indicator of a BTC change in sentiment to the upside.

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