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  1. The performance is so jarring and headache inducing that i cant play it for more than 5mins, hoping for an update. Comparing it to Amnesia come on!

  2. I wish I could get spooked by games. I love that feeling of fear, I don't get it too often. I played through layers of fear in the pitch black, alone in the middle of the night. Nothing. Amnesia, Outlast, Resident Evil etc. Nothing gives me the creeps :/

  3. I really hate horror games where you can't fight back in some way, that's a no for me dawg. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Alan Wake, Dead Space are way better type of games.

  4. can someone tell me.. does the dog die? my gf said she wont play this cause the dog dies.. does it? she said see saw some youtuber play it but i dont think she saw it right

  5. Blair Witch popped up on Xbox Gamepass and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm on chapter 11 now and the surprise is gone just dread. I just played a part where it sounded like someone was repeatedly throwing rocks at me while I try to solve a puzzle. Who does that? No confrontation just made me super uneasy. Anyways Really enjoying it so far. I completely agree with the score. Might of even gave it a higher score myself if they patch some of the bugs.

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