A Big Warning Sign For Bitcoin | Litecoin & XRP Finally Bottomed?

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  1. I do IF 18/6 …4 days is way out of my league. …TBH not even sure about the health benefits of such long fasting.
    …Anyway good luck bro/achi.
    About BTC I would have to agree with your approach that has matured nicely!

  2. if you look at the log chart for last 6 years, you see the previous halving cycle played out with a very long consolidation/re-accumulation phase – mostly sideways, slightly upward. although you could read bearishness here, you could also see that we had an unprecedented rally april thru june and a healthy correction/consolidation period leading into what I believe is a longer re-accumulation phase. We might test 9200 and possibly 8500 for CME gap, but the idea of revisiting 6k seems unlikely given the strength of the bulls in this halving cycle – which seems stronger than it was in 2015/2016 period.

  3. Before modern civilization when people were nomadic they would often go days without eating. Our bodies are not designed to eat 3 meals a day at designated times. Especially not processed foods that are designed for long shelf life. Also, very few people eat raw foods anymore. Our bodies were designed to consume more raw foods and not large amounts of meat.

  4. love this post and the water fast inclusion – Your experience at the supermarket made me chuckle, I did a 21 day water fast myself (part of a pranic nourishment initiation) so I know exactly how you feel, keep it up brother … also, really apprciate your daily posts

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