Limited Bitcoin ETF LAUNCH on THURSDAY! BTC Price Slowdown…

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  1. its okay if the prices go down now, but eventually it will rise up again, so just be patient and wait for the right time, but if you want a good return in a short attempt of time, check out Telecoin and TELEX.

  2. PpL doing 2much a ETf sounds harmFuL enough..ppL should be embracing &sharing Da wealth 4better circulation purposes..not holding in typical base investments 1sY

  3. 4:55 There is nothing more useless than a node connected to a satellite. Not only that you can't broadcast transactions, it's also reliant on the data provided by the satellite to be correct.
    Simple usecase: A satellite creating a fork, broadcasting it and holding back the actual longer chain. Your node now operates on a wrong chain without any possibility to connect to the real network.

  4. Sunny Decree you are by far one of the best youtubers covering bitcoin. But I don’t like how DigiByte is the best coin and nobody cares. I am convince people are just into Bitcoin for money and gamble reasons, instead of the innovation or what blockchain can do. DigiByte is 40x faster has 15 sec block times, most secure with 5 algorithms and has the longest blockchain. So much more about what they done but people just want Bitcoin. It’s so slow and it’s manipulation phase will come with ETF and Bakkat. I had 25 bitcoin and made 2500 a day with just small moves up and down. When big money comes in…. we all dumping. Except for you bro your too smart

  5. Burger King in Germany only accepts BTC for their delivery service, not in their stores. Plus, its processed through Lieferando (owned by TakeAway, formerly Delivery Hero). They accepted BTC (through bitpay) a while back, while cancelling it silently last year. for some time So it's not that big news, as you might think. It's just old news again. Wonder how long it will last this time.

  6. but, sunny, your triangle is draw starting from a very huge spike, or better draw it from the daily close? coz with those spike i got a bit confuse to how to draw, waiting an answer from you, thanks

  7. it's not just a binance that copies some stuff ** almost everybody does it in order to be more efficient n/or to save their time, n money.. if u look at yourself, u may just realize that u do the same by watching other YTs n very often taking their ideas or using their research articles to show n discuss them here ** the chinese had been copying stuff for decades, so they developed their own country much faster than it'd be possible for them ever.. they continuing feeding on other efforts n hard work while also denying that at same time ** it's much harder to put the time n one's resources into coming up with a completely new idea n developing it than just taking it from others for free, n then do its development in much faster speed than the originator struggled to bring it to us ** that way the fake developer also can claim his/her success ** that's the time where the protection of such ideas is a must * then the patents may help if there's a respect by others in it, too, and the chinese government or its guarding institutions just don't give a shit, n would feed on others just for their own interests

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