Racing Drone Virtual Tour – Cribs – Mr Steele Edition

After a year and half of hunting I finally found a place to call home. Pushing the limits of freestyle will never stop for me, however after spending some time with Airblastr this last weekend, my mind is now seeing things from a different perspective.

I’m always hungry for new skills to learn and with Reel Steady Go, some precision piloting, and a dash of creativity I am having a hell of a good time making something different.

Be sure to watch this in 4K! This is my first 4K video

Flown with a full 5″ freestyle rig, none of that tiny prop guard nonsense.

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Outro Tune
– Satara “Eclipse”

_ Kwad Gear _
– NEW* Frame –
– NEW* 6S motors –
– NEW* 4S Motors –
– FC –
– NEW* ESC –
– Props –
– NEW* FPV Cam (camera tilt 25°) –
– FPV Cam Lens –
– NEW* Video transmitting antenna –
– Video Transmitter 800mW –
– 6S Battery –
– Old HD camera –
– Better HD camera –
– Old cam Lens protector MUST HAVE! –
– New cam Lens protector MUST HAVE! –
– NEW* ALL UP WEIGHT – 596g –

_ Packing Gear _
Back Pack –
GoPro carry case –

_ Radio Gear _
– Radio –
– Radio Transmitter (long range) –
– Radio Receiver –

_ Goggles _
– FPV Goggles-
– FPV Goggles Receiver –
– FPV Receiving antenna (omni) –
– FPV Receiving antenna (patch) –
– Ear Bud (for Quad Audio) –

_ Battery Charging Setup _
– Charger-
– Power Supply –
– Parallel Charging Board –
– Battery Checker –

_Stabilized Camera Drones_
– my go to Travel Drone –
– Extra battery –
– Car charger –
– Carrying case –
– ND Filters –

– Sony A7 cam –
– Macro –
– Wide angle –
– fluffy critter –
– BEST Tripod –

– GoPro –
– Chesty –
– Head Strap –
– SD card –
– Epic USB Charger –

_ Editing Gear _
– Computer –
– Phone –
– Storage Drive –
– Editing Program –
– Ear Phones –
– dongle –

_ Tools/parts _
– Prop Ratcheting Wrench –
– Tool Kit –
– Hex tool kit –
– Field Soldering Iron (literally, best thing I have ever purchased)
– Soldering Iron Cable (need) –
– Solder –
– Electrical Tape –
– Zipties –
– Heat Shrink -
– USB tuning cable –
– USB field charger –
– Velcro –

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  1. You keep blessing my eyes with your dream-like vids. Keep producing the epicness! Theres a lot of people who are not able to do FPV due to fund or time constraints, we live the hobby through vids like yours!! Lekker man!!

  2. Adress hobby shops that are really con shops with slum lords and noone who works there even knows shit about quads rc vtx receivers to radios every one just wants to shove shit in your face and expect you to be grateful for paying for the sht they broke so they could install spectrum and then make you buy a dx8 or what ever I dont have a community of people to help I have a greedy moron who employs children who are worried about passing fabricated history and useless information spectrum is trash the binding is the only good thing about it …I'm going to throw my computer if you know rude snow in fort worth dont go to the rc place there

  3. This is why I hate this hobby I can build anything but I dont know anyone else that can help the stores just want to sell me spectrum…my local hobby shop fed my 5 inch vtx 4&1+fc these people are con artists

  4. Hey x9d plus of x9 lite or how do I overcome qx7 download to big for 2.2 sd and 2.2.4 I'm just trying to get tbs crossfire to work oh man the lite looks like a toy … so f the lite how do I load open TX stuff to qx7 to x9 I've got 64gb and 256gb sd cards but I cant do still

  5. Apart from the sounds which really elevate the overall quality of the video itself, I think that doing this using a 5", in just one shot and flying those lines is not hard, is impossible or perhaps steelepossible.
    I love the smoothness, the flow and all the choices you have made.
    Very entertaining. 3 minutes and half that lasted just few seconds in my mind. I definitely prefer this to your usual multi tricks / nausea footage videos (which are another level of course but possibly "harder" to understand…)
    Fantastic, I hope to see more of this kind from you in the future.

    PS: sometimes I've noticed some vibrations/jello which reelsteady was not able to get rid of (ref. 2:44 for instance).

  6. the audio is not real guys its an edit otherwise its the worlds most silent drone. cant belie this was not a tinywhoop if only you flew at a mirror in the video.

  7. Dude! That was sick! I love the smoothness and the sound editing, imagine if a quad was this quiet you could hear anything around it… so sick! Was that your normal free style quad? Or you have something special for this kind of flying?

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