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  1. My one Plus 5T is a couple of years old now but I still haven't plumbed its depths. 8gb RAM, 128gb storage, fast CPU/GPU SOC, good screen. good battery life, fast charging, decent camera and a headphone jack. I also have a 64Gb work issued iPhone 8. The 1+5T runs rings around it. What incentive do I have to 'upgrade'? None me lads and lasssies.

  2. Anything over 480p for a cellphone is useless. You have more pixel density with a 6'' screen at 480p than a 24'' monitor at 1080p. Moreover, the higher resolution will burn your battery faster.

  3. paying more than 100 bucks for a phone is stupid. It's all about vanity. So you can show off some new shiny piece of shit to your friends. To promote a phone made by a communist government is stupid too. Have you not heard of the protests in Hong Kong or the social credit score system implemented on the people of china? I won't even start on the fact that they have actual re education camps. But hey, at least you got a cool phone, right?

  4. K20pro 256gb is the best $450 value..but as im a cheapskate,a $250 phone like the upcoming redminote8 pro will the one im purchasing once it have global rom included.. I'd rather use the extra budget to upgrade my g4560 pc

  5. I still have a Samsung S7. Battery is such shit it's been on power save mode pretty much from day one. I still pretty much charge it half way through the day.. ever day. I just wanted to play with VR, I did and now have a full VR setup. Probably upgrade the phone next year. My options from my carrier in the US is pretty bad, so I'll probably end up with flagship again. We'll see.

  6. Nice video, shared to some friends.
    I was aware of the release of 7 pro, costing over $700. But there were clearance sales for the OnePlus 6T 128gb for $415 and went with that. It's also nice to consider yesteryear's products.
    My other option was the Mi 9T but they were selling for $350.

  7. Your totally right Paul. Me and my wife have been holding on to our Blackberry Priv's. Looking for a new phone now only because it's hard to find good batteries for my Priv as it's getting a little old and battery isn't lasting that much. What model of phone is that Show Me device.

  8. I prefer iOS from a software perspective. I would never pay what top end phones, iPhone or Samsung or whatever, costs these days. I’m developing my first Android app these days (done a lot of app development for iOS already), and thinking about getting a cheap device for testing, since the simulator isn’t always as good as testing on device.

  9. I love the durability of my Moto z force……. flying across the re f**** parking spaces the land face-down on rocky asphalt. I think I dropped it down a set of stairs and it just bounced still not a cracked to this day……

  10. I would never pay $1000 for a smart phone, but I do ALWAYS get the flagship phone. I lease the Samsung Galaxy for $30 per month for a year, then I get the latest flagship every 12 months. That makes it easy to decide.

  11. About 6 months ago I bought a 128gb Pixel XL(the original) brand new boxed sealed 12 months warranty £200 & it's got a headphone jack. There's still plenty around along with other older generation flagship smart phones.

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