Going through the IT Chapter 2 Funhouse in VIRTUAL REALITY (VR 180)

Meet Spencer (hairstylist & bff) and Peter (cameraman & bff) as they face off in the IT Chapter 2 Funhouse to win the title of ghost hunting partner for this year’s …


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  1. I was SO fluffing excited to get a virtual reality camera to be able to shoot this in VR 180 for you zombaes! I’m a HUGE fan of the technology and think it will come to change a lot of what we do in the world, so I’ve been dying to help intro VR to those of you who are new to it!

    With that said! If it’s your first time seeing VR on youtube, here’s some pointers!

    On a desktop or TV: you can grab and drag around the screen to see more! Or leave it centered

    On mobile: you can move your phone to look around, but you can also drag the view to where you’d like it (say if you go from sitting to laying down and still want to watch). If mobile watching feels weird, try landscape mode so it fills your whole screen to cut down on any dizzy effect- or sit your phone down and drag the screen to center it. Then it won’t move at all. If that’s not enough, watching on a desktop is probably better for you because it keeps it stationary no matter what.

    Headset: this is definitely the coolest way to watch!! Cardboard headsets are very inexpensive and easy to find online so you can just slide your phone into it and watch that way! If you’re really fancy, a real snazzy headset like an Oculus makes this look SsoooOooOo freakin dope!

    Oh AND! If you’re having trouble with potato quality playback- check and make sure your quality settings aren’t on auto and are set to the highest available. This is shot in 5k which is better quality than my normal videos so it should be crystal clear for you!

    Hope this helps, zombaes! Anyone can watch VR comfortably, you might need to play with some of these options! Thank you for letting me take us outside our normal 2D box a bit for something I’m really passionate about!

  2. Found myself conflicted on whether to watch this or not 'cause I miss Mykie's vids but absolutely hate the remake of IT and the ridiculously un-scary clown thing… Glad I watched now though as the VR view was really cool!

  3. Thanks for the flashing light warning! Although I don't usually experience any symptoms, this have me horrible headaches. Also, it is super awkward watching these on a phone because you can move around without swiping, but you can't change the angle, so this was a Dutch tilt adventure for me. I could have also gotten up, but it's 8 am and I don't want to. Also also, how weird is it that Peter and Spencer have faces?

  4. THIS… WAS GLORIOUS OMG I LOVE THIS!!! So excited for the Halloween series and you brought Spencer on!!!! And more sassy peanut gallery from Peter!!! It’s so great having you back, on a serious note Mykie I’ve watched you from the start and you got me through some of the toughest moments of my life, your like the big sister I wish I had, thank you for being you ?

  5. did love the video but a bit to blurry to a point cant see the words clearly and couldnt see u, peter and spencer the whole vidoe, but still loved it nevertheless

  6. Technically I should be the winner because I paused the video and named twice as many Stephen Kind adaptations as either of them did. Ya’ll missed obvious ones like Stand By Me, The Green Mile, and Misery!

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