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  1. I can only imagine how all the whiners talking about the Quest being uncomfortable would react to this. Can't help but feel they need to work on that design more as an actual wearable. Three red squares on your forehead isn't pretty for anyone.

  2. Obviously, No Man's Sky comes to mind as a game this could really help add even more immersion to.
    Hot planets, cold planets, variations of intensity as the shield wears down and intensifies as you begin to take damage.
    I would suggest that they make hand accessories as well, so all could match environmental changes and one or some could match based on how you interact with objects.

  3. Hot and cold combined with the haptic hmd face part would be great. Also the vest too. With it being flexible they could even make a sleeve that fits over the touch controllers

  4. Soon this tech will be incorporated with the haptic vests. We’ll be able to pair that with haptic hand tracking gloves, wireless headsets and well truly be experiencing the next level of VR. Love innovative tech like this ?

  5. I don’t think I would want any heat on my face since VR can already make me sweaty but I wouldn’t mind a face mask that stayed cold, if they heat and the cold were in my hands it wouldn’t be so bad

  6. So they are physically changing temperature? I thought it might be some clever little signal that had to be placed in the correct area on your skin.
    Regardless how much does it cost? I would love to work with that!
    On a side note, seriously developer you gotta change your camera clip settings, 0.3 is way too high!

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