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  1. Hopefully this relationship Nintendo has with Microsoft means that there could be a new Banjo-Kazooie game eventually released on both the Xbox One (probably also being playable by cross-generation development with the Project Scarlet) AND the Switch, whether it be Threeie or an HD Remake Collection!

  2. The roster finally feels complete with Banjo on it. His moveset definitely isn't the best since Banjo obviously wasn't popular in Japan, but it's still great to have him!

  3. Question, would it be so wrong for Microsoft to reach out to Nintendo and work with them to create a BnK game. Timed exclusive on the Xbox for like 3 months but then comes to the Switch? I love what Rare was and in alot of ways what it is doing now. But the Rare that was, its not the current Rare and Microsoft has so many great IPs that they arent making. a Conker game and BnK would be great.

  4. IGN or whoever this reviewer is…always gotta complain about something ? Banjo and Kazzoie are completely awesome the way they are! They can’t do combos? Look up combo videos people have already done!

  5. I cant believe you called his moveset underwhelming. He is easily the most fun character to play for me. You can pick the grenade up but it's super hard to time, the kazooie gun has a nice risk/reward to it, the limited side-B is fun and rewarding to manage, trying to save one to use as a get-back. I could go on but you get the point. Definitely not underwhelming

  6. OK i'm gonna have to disagree heavily on their moveset. Yes it's basic but it's supposed to be based on all of their moves from the first game and its sequel. The whole point of the Wonderwing limit is for players not to abuse it since it's so powerful… cough cough Unlike Hero. So i don't see how this makes Banjo feel underwhelming as a fighter.

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