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  1. I can't help but say this but, I hate hate the way you talk… In person, I'd probably just stand up and just walk away because you sound like a fake human being. It's like you watched too many movies of mobsters and you became that annoying character that the audience is supposed to not like. I'm writing this because I have to pause the video to get a break. 15 million subs, I must not see what others see. /shrug

  2. I love how this video is 2 years old and yet the Samsung Note 8 is still going strong. Even with the 10 coming out. It was the best Note in the entire note line.

  3. Wish I had seen this before buying this phone. Only paid 500ish with holiday sales, was not worth it at all. Total garbage phone, no ability to root or install custom rom.

    Please encourage everyone to get out of Samsung and over to pixel, everything about pixel is better

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