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  1. I binge watched The Dark Crystal series in one day and I rewatched the movie(I haven't seen it since I was a kid). I love that it's back and I can't wait to collect the action figures!

  2. Even if it doesn’t get a season 2. I think that’s okay. So much has been added to the universe. And the last thing I want is for this franchise to get too big… like others I could mention.

  3. I can't believe that so many people still praise puppetry and want to see more. So touching! I was afraid the series would bomb for most people due to not being done with all cgi or 2d animation.
    So happy most love it!

  4. They seem to have written themselves into a corner by killing off the General, however. I thought he was the Garthim Master from the movie, and they offed him before we ever even see a Garthim.
    With luck, they'll have the Gelflings flee across the ocean at the end of the Garthim war except for a few, which would fit in with the movie, but NOT doom the race to eventual extinction due to insufficient genetic diversity.

  5. As a puppeteer, as someone who has idolized Jim Henson my entire life, for someone who has worshiped the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth since I was old enough to see. Age of Resistance is not only one of the greatest prequels/sequels of all time, but is possibly the greatest work ever produced by the Jim Henson Company.

    I wish Henson himself were still alive to see the Dark Crystal respected, and presented in such a way.

  6. So hold on… IGN made a review video on it and the dude pretty much said that the show was ok. Now they make another video praising it? Get it together IGN

  7. When I saw the trailer the visuals blew me away. I finished watching the series during the day and after that I immediately watched the movie. Its unique and I hope to see more.

  8. Love it for sure, I already have said it on Twitter but at the first 10 minutes i "thought" I was to old for it but at this time that was 7 eps ago still a few to go! Tbh I felt when remembering back it was very scary back then for me at age 10. Hoping on a S2

  9. True story my dad was on a plane to new your and was sitting next to Jim Henson on his way to pitch the muppets and he even showed my dad and said that he called all of the characters his family let’s all just thank Jim for being awesome

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