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  1. I can't be alone in thinking Gears is in better hands at Coalition than it ever had been with Epic, despite that being its origins. Coalition's massive backing from Microsoft and their sense for less corny storytelling and worldbuilding, weightier combat, and better gunplay just makes it all feel like a the best progression for Gears as a franchise. I replayed Gears 3 before jumping into Gears 4 to prep for 5, and it just hasn't aged well.

  2. Mm, sure can't wait until Capcom get over themselves and release Iceborne on PC. I hate this ridiculous delay they keep doing between the consoles and the PC. Keeps folks away from such great content!

  3. Actually the cuphead journalist didn't poke fun of himself until the backlash broke out and edited the post from a harsh takedown to "my 27 minutes of shame" even though when you like the video or post and have a auto tweet go through, it does not have the same title as the video or article, proving that they were edited because it's still something you can do now.

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