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  1. If It was the story alone I'd give it a 9.2 but it does have some technical issues so I'd give it 8.9 love the game over all

  2. Honestly I've stopped playing gears for almost 7 years. But this game brought back old feelings to how great this franchise was with team epic running the show. The coalition did an amazing job with this one. I give it a 9.0/10 I take a point off because their online servers are ass water right now.

  3. Um, this game is minimum 8 out of 10 and I thought Gears 4 was a 6 of 10 at best. The attention to detail this time around is obvious. The gameplay feels fresh without any glaring changes. Feels like its good to be a Gears fan again, like it was in Gears 3.

  4. Just completed the campaign and god damn was it good! Some genuinely sad moments and the exploration was great. The story was fantastic, answering so many questions about previous games. Only negative would be the 3rd act was too long but that could just be me trying to explore everything. 9/10. Easily better than gears 4

  5. Wow whatva shitty review. I've watched most of the reviews out there and this one doesnt add up to what everyone else has been saying. Good job gamespot. U shit the bed on this one. I'll bet if this was on playstation it would have been a 9.5

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