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  1. This comment section is asinine. The reviewer gives the game fair critique and a decent score and everyone's complaining even though they haven't played the whole game themselves yet. Most people are even saying "oh, he gave it a low score because it was too hard. Typical IGN." Even though that's not why he gave it a 7. The anti-IGN circlejerk is probably one of the most braindead circlejerks on the internet.

  2. Had a feeling this would go the way deaths gambit did where the style and visuals are great but the gameplay itself holds it back from being great, shame I'll Still pick it up eventually love a metroidvania

  3. The review felt somewhat superficial to me. They never really talked about the quality of the story itself.

    A lot of us don't play video just for the gameplay mechanics and the visuals, a lot of us play for deeper reasons too, for the story, for the feelings, for the art.

  4. “The combat can be satisfying but relies too heavy on memorization”??‍♂️ seriously ign……the game is literally inspired by dark souls smh get better ppl to review these games

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