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  1. Please make this available in Steam. I don't have a job im still studying and my parents never let me borrow their credit cards they are kinda strict. I manage to save my pocket money and buy steam gift cards but in epic store i need Credit card to buy the game. I really do wanna play this game badly

  2. Damn I’m hype for this game!!! If anyone is playing on PlayStation, drop your PSN, even if we don’t play together there’s benefits to having people in your friends list that play the game

  3. Weird you guys would release a launch trailer so far from the official release. I know you’re just trying to get us hyped for the March release of this game but seriously this early?

  4. I can't wait to play this game, on steam! For me, making this an Epic exclusive release eliminated the option for pre-order and is effectively delaying the release date. If you aren't willing to download Epic to your PC and are going to wait for BL3 to be available on Steam, it will hopefully be available around April 13th, 2020.

  5. If they added a 3rd person mode to run around in or switch between anytime this would of knocked one of my to buy games off the list. Theres cool characters in this game.

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