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  1. You guys published this two days ago and you do not know that the G3 is getting a Snapdragon 805. One Failure then you can not Quantify the fact that phones have already doubled in resolotiuon when they hit 1080p yet have improved in battery life with every boost in screen resolution every year. The G3 will be the first phone of 2014 to continue that trend since the HTC M8 and Galaxy S5 kept there screens at 1080p. The Snapdragon 805 and a larger battery will make it possible to have a 2560×1440 screen with longer battery life once again. Glad to see you all were not completely dismissing the increased screen resolution like some but rather supporting and and making some valid points about it. Until they can not make a screen look better by raising the resolution and other improvements there is no reason to stop yet. Not sure what they will do once they get to 4k though next year !

  2. My update isn't until December with my Note 2 but I'm seriously considering buying the G3 outright. Even if it's $600… Probably wouldn't pay any more than that, but if it is priced that way I'm going in and getting it ASAP! Sorry, 1+1, your camera is what lost me. ;(

  3. I did love the notions in the back and the knock knock but I how it uses an 805 or the octacore and 3GB ram more importantly removable battery 5.3" screen or bigger

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