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  1. Totally agree – if you have VR, you know the deal and want to know what the game is actually about, not what you already know. If you are not into VR, you probably have a negative view and switch off as soon as VR is pushed in your face. Far better to have someone watch a game trailer (as you say) on its own merits – then have them think 'Damn – this is in VR?…. now I am interested in VR'.

    On a side note – when I watch a trailer there is just one thing I am looking for – 'what is this game?' Best trailer I saw recently was for Greedfall – it just had someone calmly telling you what the game was about, the elements of the gameplay were, and the stuff I actually needed to know: The lack of hype was refreshing!

  2. I remember watching both Gears 1 and 2 trailers back then and my reaction was "meh, show me gameplay, I want a video game, not a movie".

    On the subject of the VR trailers I agree. The Space Junkies trailer feels like typical 90's "hey dude, this VR game is radical! watch how excited this guy looks playing our VR game! you could be like him too if you purchase our VR game! Did we mention the game is in VR?"

    But there should be at least SOME indication that the game is in VR. Lone Echo's trailer could pass as a TV game to the untrained eye. I have seen plenty people excited about game trailers like that one then go "Oh, it's VR, what a shame" once I tell them.

  3. This is unfortunately a product of gaming company Promotional depts not really knowing how to market them differently from non VR games and relying on old school advertising gimmicks. That’s not to say there aren’t companies who are doing it. Just not enough of them. I agree that VR needs to move out of its niche and into mainstream before the use of cheap VR gimmicks goes away.

  4. I completely disagree with everything you just said. VR is absolutely a selling point for any game and making it clear that it’s a VR game is very important. There are times when an okay game is elevated by being in VR. Case in point: Superhot. The pancake version of Superhot didn’t sell anywhere near as well as the VR version.

  5. Eric 100% you are correct, the Trailers really need to be more compelling. I know you as well as me have played pretty much everything out there in VR and its just so hard to show how compelling a game can be but they REALLY need to do it. so many trailers focus on showing game play mechanics but its so hard to make a gameplay mechanic look fun when you do not have a VR Headset, gotta focus on what makes a game look fun to play from the average user. im very interested to see what Valve Flagship title shows off for its because we all know how the previous ones went!

  6. All the bad vr trailer tell you ur in a vr game. Which is exactly what vr is trying not to do. You want that immersive experience not it telling you ur playing a game.

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