Don't Buy a VR Headset Right Now (April 2019 Buying Guide and HUGE News)

The Oculus Rift S is a huge design change to replace the existing model, but it’s far from an upgrade, controversially removing the physical IPD adjustment …


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  1. Well, as of last week Oculus pulled the rug out from under all CV1 owners by stopping support for the CV1 accessories by the offical removal of selling the propritory cv1 cable and earphones, with no doubt the sensors and controllers soon to follow, and they were selling CV1 right up until this year, so yeah Oculus being complete asshats with this stance, and it seems their reply is simple, if your are a CV1 owner and you are out of warrenty and your cable breaks or your earphones stop working, then just buy a new Oculus headset………nice right.

  2. No… choose one, buy one now, the industry needs people to invest into it!!! Get on board, get involved, experience what is available and give feedback.

  3. the Rift S is an upgrade, albeit a minor one. on paper the specs don't seem that much better but between the full RGB screen and the improved lenses things like the screen door and god rays have improved quite a bit. (screen door is acceptable, text is now readable and godrays are gone altogether) not having an IPD adjustement is only a problem if you have a really weird head. like 95% of people won't have any issues using the Rift S

    I'd say go get one (or an Index if you're rich XD)

  4. The index could be the best but even if it was I still wont buy it as over 1000 € are just too much for me.
    It might be worth it but then I still dont have any money for it.

  5. Jfc you just said so many bullshit it's amazing. The Rift S is aimed at being more accessible without being 1000$ like the index from valve. It offers an amazing VR experience for the price. In fact, you probably won't upgrade from this once you have it. You're basicly just saying it's not an 1000$ Vr headset, it's not. Most people don't want to spend 1000$ to experience VR. Also, the oculus library is not limited at all on PC with steam. I would even say it's the best experience you can get on PC, the other headsets are not even worth the price unless you have a 3000$ gaming computer.

  6. two majors issues I envisage are
    1) the sweating n hot sensations that erupts from solid headsets lacking porousness
    2) the choice of videos available online / offline (free n paid content ) to enjoy seamless vr experience. eg on youtube etc
    unless these are addressed vr headsetd per se would be an unattractive gadget.

  7. dude buzz it all off. Then try a classic beard and keep it longer at the chin. If you also manage to get a gym membership you'll be reaching full potential. The insight you provided on the VR market here is greatly appreciated.

  8. Buy an Oculus GO right now – AWESOME thing, even now Ive not gotten to the end of cataloging my 350 + apps and experiences. The movie theatre is a Godsend. Buy hey, sure, twiddle your thumbs and loose out on regular movie nights in your own personal cinema. Dream of the future sure, but don't LIVE in it so that the present passes you by.

  9. I bought Oculus rift s, I recommend it to everyone!!! Don't buy index, better go for this bad boy! You'll be much more happy, and your wallet will be as well! 🙂

  10. You said (8K display at a lower resolution, and still benefit from the better display).

    Sorry, I didn't understand, I thourt you are telling people not to buy VR Headset and to wait for better VR Headset with higher resolution to come out.
    Guys the bottle neck in VR is not the displays in the headset, its the computer power you need to send two times 90 frames per second at 1080 x 1200 to the displays and that's just the Oculus Rift. So if your on a budget don't miss out on the Oculus Rift its a great VR unit. Or you can wait for lower resolution with all your settings on low but benefit from the better display. I like my VR as I play Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 at 90FPS with high settings 20 Cars and it works great on my 8 core AMD PC with 24Gig DD3 ram and the GTX 1080. Anyone waiting to upgrade their VR system knows this so I don't mean you guys. Just the people looking for VR on a budget, I payed £150, I got it for simulation games. Your welcome

  11. Hay guys unless you have the fastest PC able to run the frames per second required for 8K VR, then 8K VR is not affordable due to the system required needed. I got myself the Oculus Rift, yes its used and for £150 off Ebay last year and have connected it to my old GA-990X, 24Gib, AMD FX 8370 8 core PC with a GTX 1080 and its only just able to perform 90 FPS in games. I use it for Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa and it works well with them both. VR is dependent on the frames per second and at the resolution required for the VR unit x 2. The Oculus Rift needs your system to run 90 frames per second at 1080 x 1200 resolution per eye for best VR or with software you can run 45 frames per second not recommended in simulation. So if your on a budget don't miss out on the Oculus Rift its a great VR system and if your PC can perform 90FPS on two monitors at 1080 x 1200 resolution then Oculus Rift is the cheep VR, If your PC cant run 90FPS Per Eye then don't waste your money, but if you have the money lots and lots then 8K will be the best VR available, Hope this helps.

  12. Soooo, you're comparing a VR solution for more than twice the money with another? Seems like you're NOT the place to go for VR reviews at all.

  13. "Once you have bought into the Oculus platform you can't play it on anything else, You are locked into Oculus". Simply not true. Unless specifically written for Vive, Oculus headsets work fine with SteamVR content, and with Revive, other headsets are compatible with Oculus content.

  14. I just got a New Razer Blade 2019 RTX 2060 Laptop. I want to get a Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive but I'm afraid unable to use it. This Laptop get Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C), HDMI 2.0b and Mini DisplayPort 1.4 ports. Will I suffer this VirtualLink Port issue ?

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