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  1. Thanks all. Not the most amazing game in the world and it has issues but its Spiders best, its a bit cheaper and more importantly. I had a unique and enjoyable time with it.
    Would love if you could come by patreon if you can. Youtube is just miserable right now and every patreon helps. You get cool stuff and it helps me

  2. I played War: Mars Logs, or whatever it was called. And it's great to see Spiders get better. This is definitely my kinda thing. And I'll put more time in it than any looter/shooters. What a great review.

  3. Thanks for the reveiw! I had a feeling this game would be a hit or miss and I'm glad most people are saying its a genuinly good game, I'm already downloading because I'm starved for a good narrative rpg

  4. from the not really that much that i've seen, much more so than previous Spiders titles, this in places reminds me of the early Piranha Bytes games (which are some of my favourite things in existence)

  5. Its so important to support these smaller studios, especially considering that AAA gaming is nothing but a nest of microtransactions and anti consumer practices.

  6. Good review as always. Might try this somewhere down the line.

    Will you be reviewing MHW Iceborne by any chance? I know you usually don't do expansions but I feel like it's big enough in this case.

  7. Why does this remind me of Dragon Age Inquisitor? It's like its an influence alongside other games particularly the CRPG games and modern 3D games.

  8. This is the review I was waiting for. Game came out, this was the first review on my list. I love Technomancer for what it is, and shared a lot of the same views as you did on it. I don't mind a bit of jank as long as the game has a lot of heart and love behind it. With the progress Spiders is making with each of it's games, you can see the steady improvement they are making with each new titles that comes out. I really hope one day they finally have the budget to push the game they truly want to make.

    Like a few people mentioned we need more games like this, more titles from smaller studios that are full of heart, more a long the lines of the titles that came out during the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox Era of gaming. Less about the AAA, and making live service style games.

    Thanks as usual for the indepth and awesome review. Due to the fact we have similar tastes, this is a total buy for me.

  9. Hey ACG love your videos but I'd like to make a suggestion. Can you please put time stamps for the various sections of your videos?
    Also what's your opinion on putting the gameplay section first?
    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  10. All the negatives made me want to buy it. I hate over populated areas with glitches and lag in every game. I’ll take redundant characters and buildings for better gameplay and not running into 122004746 enemies per square inch in every fucking city

  11. A lack of enemy variety?! In this game?! The game they said would be open world Bloodborne meets The Witcher?!?! Those 2 games are the definition of enemy variety!!

    This is a huge turn off for me. Enemy variety is extremely important to me being that I’m a big Soulsborne fan. Ever since I played those games I can help but notice when a game has a lack of different or cool looking enemies.

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