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  1. Just a note since I'm having to do a lot of moderating here. If you're going to spam another channel here, you will be banned from commenting. If you're new to 3 min reviews, they're not going to be in-depth and they're meant to get to the most important information quickly while delivering the reviewers opinion on the product.

    If you're interested in the game, go get multiple opinions on it and don't waste your time spamming our comments section or insulting the reviewer, I'm not going to put up with it here.


    Nick Calandra
    Editor in Chief

  2. i come here hoping i can get more hype to the game, and now i dont know if i want to play it LUL, i just will give it a shot, ty for the honest review

  3. Watching this I feel glad that I had watched another review of this game first. It's strange how two professionals can have such different opinions on the same game but that's their personal taste, I assume. Good luck with your channel.

  4. All their faces look the same, and there's no expression what so ever what a fucking disappointment and to top it of what I hate the most is lack of enemy variety

  5. Everyone freaking out in the comments that this review is "wrong" because it doesn't say what they want to hear is mad. Some people love Spiders' games but they're a hugely niche taste and almost every complaint raised was already a problem with all their other games. Anyone who bounced off Technomancer or Bound by Flame was worried Greedfall would be like this because there are certain things they just never improve upon for their new games.

  6. Didn't have this game on my radar until yesterday when I saw it being played on Twitch. I went on and watched some ganeplay videos on YouTube.
    Within 10 minutes I could tell that this game would be utterly unremarkable. I honestly have to wonder how people could've expecting anything stellar here.

  7. I have no idea how people chose to expect that this game was gonna be good. It looked generic, sounded generic, smelled generic. Even the driving theme (something you admittedly don't have to pay much attention to in game design nowadays) is the most saturated bullshit ever conceived.

    People behind this game have no creativity whatsoever, nor do people who hyped the bland trailers into relevancy.

  8. To be fair, those driving and overseeing colonization in real life were villainous bastards as well and probably not terribly interesting people nor in anyway morally grey.

  9. The game looks garbage if viewing it from a 2019 perspective. It is way too dated. Given the lack of many rpg's in the market, it will probably still sell

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