Bitcoin Breakout Possible?

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?Federal Reserve Criminal Colin Powell

1. Bitcoin TA and price projections 0:40
2. How to make a quick buck using leverage 2:20
3. Swing trade possible short 6:32
4. Pandora’s Wallet Referal program 8:09
5. Apple Finally can see Crypto? 9:22
6. A crook who steals from you is not interested in crypto 10:43
7. 94,000 BTC moved to one address 11:54
8. Peter Schiff proves bitcoin will work! 14:36
9. My schedule for October 18:32
10. Special offer for my subs 20:51

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  1. Cool to see Eric Krown in an advertisement while you were talking about Apple. I'd love to hear a conversation between you and Krown. He's a trader. Nice guy. He was an options market maker on the floor of New York Stock Exchange Arca. You'd enjoy him, Leonardo Davinci. 

    Also, really good advice to take small pieces out of the market. I'm a scalper, myself. I just don't trust how this volatility comes and goes. BTC seems to strictly a trade-only asset. I'd like to see a world in which BTC is accepted everywhere but I'm cool with it just being a tradable asset that grants people the ability to keep their value from the banks' and governments' inflationary practices. Thanks for the video, good sir. Good to see you!!

  2. I have always liked your channel, but I think your calls have plunged in accuracy lately. (I know, no one has a crystal ball). Not the quality you are known for. Also, volume is so low, struggle to hear you now.

  3. Peter shiff is scar mongering coz he's physiology is locked … mental block ……he admitted in the debate … he missed the run up so probably he is thinking if price comes down he will buy ……… he missed the boat and he is still waiting at the docks ………

  4. Davinci, does it really make sense to predict the price of Bitcoin? Seems like even the best can't do better than random guessing… I think you were much more spot-on with low-volume alts. Perhaps you could apply this technique to penny stocks and make videos about it? Maybe extend PW to deal with those? Just a thought.

  5. You're probably now the worst Bitcoin price predictor on YouTube! LOL
    After 20 or 30 tries, you've still only had 1 correct call – the very first.
    What happened to you? You used to be a good guy.

  6. Thanks for the vid man, however if you could mention $ amounts on your charts as well as fib levels that would be great. Hard to see what you’re talking about when watching on smaller screens.

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