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  1. Lets be real we all knew it wasn’t going to be higher than 8. I’m sure the scores will average out to around a 7 but this game has looked average from the beginning

  2. Just like MH games, you don't play this game for the single player story. Online is where your build matters. And I think we should wait till that comes out.

  3. Is it me or……does this game look like trash on a big 4k screen? World looks empty. Enemies look laughable. How are you gonna spend $60 and not CARE for the story of the game your buying?! Seriously where does IGN hire? Lol

  4. hey IGN can you please reqiest telltale to come back on ps4 xbox and mobiles coz batman enemy within keep crashing on snapdragon 845 processors its latest processor man they must fix the games plzzzz request them to update it

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