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  1. Apple in 2017: Presenting innovating iphone 10….
    2018: Presenting innovating iphone 10x and 10R…
    2019: Presenting most innovating iphone 11 series…

    Innovation: Am I a joke to you ?

  2. The desigh of the camera module is soooo trash.
    Why not make them in a vertical line.. or a horizontal line… or triangular module…. that square makes NO sense.

  3. 4g phone in 5g world, 10-12g ram is standard and apple come up with? Made in China with part time workers and still charge that expensive. Copying China companies camera setup, where is the innovatio? Shit battery with slow charge. Wonder whats so exciting?

  4. The 128GB iPhone 11 is probably the best option from this cycle. They made it $50 cheaper and 128GB is a $50 upgrade. It also comes with a wide-angle feature

  5. Thanks for the first impressions Marques! Think I'm gonna pass on this year's upgrade. My XS Max is serving me just fine, upgrade costs to the 11 Pro Max just doesn't seem worth it. Like you alluded to, for a "Pro" moniker, it's offerings are lacking.

  6. So wait, if the A13 chip is so efficient then why does the iphone 11 get only 1 more hour in battery life compared to the iphone xr while the pro model gets 4 hours more over the previous model ? Clearly the pro has more battery capacity

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