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  1. The “terrible dialogue” is a reference to the original G1 cartoon. Ironhide would often say “Deceptipunk” in that series. C’mon though, this game is pretty great. It’s fun, let’s you play as most of the big characters, and has better story and character development than any of the movies.

  2. I never played this game but when I saw videos of players playing this game I wished I had a PS3 and played it during that time. It looked good. I don't care about the frame rate.

  3. I love every single transformers game. I've had so many fun times playing these games when they first came out and it was just fun to play even though it wasn't technically the greatest game.

  4. 0:56 Talks about characters not getting their voice actor from the films, uses Ironhide in the example who like in the movie is voice by Jess Harnell. (Ok, it can be assumed he is referring to Ratchet's voice in this clip but meh.)

  5. You know, High Moon should keep on making their own series of transformers cybertron games taking place from earth and then go back to Cybertron to revive etc.

  6. The first transformers game was the best because if was open world concept. I don't give a shit about the graphics. It was also great because it was exactly like the movie and it had Sam and Mikala. It saltaryed in a Urban neighborhood then to LA

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