Crypto Taxes Suck! Where is BITCOIN Going To Go?

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NOTICE: All Paid Reviews And Features on my channel were paid for by the crypto companies in the form of Bitcoin ranging from .2 to 1 BTC or in some cases equal or double value in the project’s tokens.


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  1. Crow, you are a man of the people. I loved your rant about government and taxes. You are absolutely right, but you need to get another accountant. Keep it coming! Yours is the one channel I won't miss.

  2. Maybe 300,000,000 of the 335, million people are prisoners to the Taxman. You actually need a college degree to figure out how to fill out your taxes and because it is too much to figure out it cost a fortune to pay an accountant to do the job. We need a postcard application from the government not a book. This is a big travesty to the American people. Everything you are saying is true.

  3. i hear you, and feel it. I for along time have believed we are no longer able to do anything to stop the machine. That is why i felt, believed and hoped that BTC would be able to change the balance of power….but now the machine is getting in as well. See the book 'the GRUNCH of Giants'.

  4. Hey bossman. Just to clarify. When i said burn the F'ing house down I didnt mean your actual house. I ment fire all your accountant, lawyers and tax reps. Sorry. Should have been more clear. God bless man

  5. Jason I would like to open your eyes to how we as a nation and as a world have gotten to where we are. Please please take an hour and listen to this man

  6. People don’t have power mainly because most believe that they don’t have power.

    Fluoride and the demoralization process has made people passive enough to allow the gov’t to put it in their you know what.

    People are stupid and they only listen to what the television says

  7. To answer your where does it all go question: Your income taxes, 80% of it anyway, goes to pay the interest on the national debt so the federal reserve can continue to print money without raising the prime rate. This is why your money is worth 2% less every year.

  8. Like you Crow, I have no problem paying my fair share, but so should EVERYONE else, including corporations. The scales are so out of balance, they can't be repaired at this point. The greedy bastards have stolen so much that a correction would melt the world economy.

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