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  1. one thing that I felt missing from wildlands is the ability to see time from the world map view….but in the beta the time can only be seen when camping in bivouac, other than that in the beta is unsurprisingly glitch but overall I know it is gonna be fun in the full game with everything working properly and smoothly

  2. I know theres alot of haters jumping on the band wagon even if they didn't play the beta, I cant wait to get stuck into break point, it looks awesome and a huge improvement on wildlands which was an underrated masterpiece in itself

  3. I Love the shooter Looter aspect, it's a personal choice so hater hate all you want and don't buy or play it, just means more for me lol

  4. I just want to play as the Wolves 😛 would be such a more interesting campaign other than thwarting Walker. Like a campaign where you're gradually taking over the island. You don't even need to be heroes but it becomes ridiculous that the wolves can hold on to power at all by pissing ALL the civilians off and killing them for the sake of mustache twirling.

    Hell even Emperor Palpatine knew he couldn't be so on the nose evil and expect to hold on to power.

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