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  1. OH come the Fu37 on Gear Box, You didnt Optimise Split Screen??WTF,, all you have to do is drop the setting down..This alone shows the game was rushed, and there are plenty more storie of bugs and performance issues going around.
    .Maybe next time EVERYONE should wait for the retail code , instead of trusting a company run by a man whos biggest pride in life is learning slide of hand, and getting away with being caught with child pron.

  2. Have a day one Xbox one. Let me tell you….yall haven't begun to experience split screen problems. I feel like I'm running the game on a Macintosh. Lag? Try full framerate drops, teleportation, and game crashes. Smooth as butter when I play alone though. Please help. Send upgrade.

  3. I was playing split screen on the xbox one and whenever I tried to enter the skill tree it would not show up until I tried multiple times also there is no current option for vertical split screen

  4. hey so i’m far into the game and my friend isn’t we played split screen on his account so we started fresh but now on my account i can’t fast travel to any other planets has this happened to anyone else? if so please lmk how to fix

  5. Being a long time fan, Borderlands has always been vertical local co-op. I wonder how such a significant thing can be omitted from the Borderlands gameplay staple. What in the world are the game developers thinking? There is absolutely no reason at all to change the split screen orientation. Nobody in the right mind would be interested in the DLC's and micro transactions when the very basics of split screen is not even sorted out. Absolute disaster there.

  6. Im really glad I didnt buy it on release. Wanted to play this Coop with my brother because there are not many splitscreen coop games around in this gen and im sad this game turned out to be such a shitshow at launch. Hope it gets fixed soon so ppl who bought it can enjoy it.

  7. Yeah, spent 100 dollars on the Super Deluxe Edition and took the afternoon off from work (which is quite hard for me but I planned weeks in advance). I have not played single player mode since Borderlands 1 and didn’t like it. For me, Borderlands is a co-op game or nothing. This lagging i menues and stores and the lack of vertical split screen really… well it was dissapointing. To the point I wanted to stop playing and cry instead. Please Gearbox – fix this.

  8. First time I have ever pre ordered a game…and the last. It arrived a day early so I didn't know about the issues before I opened it. I want to return.

  9. The game was obviously not ready for release, but they did it anyway. There are so many bugs and issues that I am surprised (well, not actually) that it was released. Most of the other bugs/issues aren't really gamebreaking, but this one is for people playing in split-screen.

  10. Back then we didn't have problems with split-screens, even up to 4 players during PS1 and PS2 era and it was smooth af. Now its barely manageable.

  11. My wife and I got the game purely to play split screen co op on PS4 as we played through 1 and 2 AND the pre sequel and had the best experience split screen.
    However 4 hours into borderlands 3… exactly as it says, the game is insanely laggy during any kind of menu… we actually have to tell each other to stop playing so someone can go into a menu and equip a new gun…
    also why can’t you change split screen to vertical!?
    The combat and game alone is amazing. But why they thought it was acceptable to release like this I don’t know…

  12. Not surprised with those huge stutters. Even on pc, regardless which settings the game still stutter, but not as bad as this. I think consoles are having hard time rendering two things at once cuz the game is pretty taxing on the gpu side.

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