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  1. Too bad that Carmack left id :/
    I guess we would have proper VR Ports for all older id games by now and maybe even for the Quest. The Doom 3 Mod had its last update in March 2017 and i guess it was abandoned(or Bethesda stopped it?)

    Glad we have Dr. Beef and an awesome modding community which ports those games in glorious VR. Maybe we will see a better version of this Mod in the coming years.

  2. ⚠️GT, I'm excited for you getting to play this finally, especially it being a virtual dream of yours ??. I played it through a long ways on Doom3 BFG edition, which was so fun and so intense… but then my save files got corrupted, so I couldn't get back to where I was. Because of you, I'm inspired to get back into it, with a fresh install and I'll use the map select cheat code to get back to the level I was at. Cheers, buddy.

  3. Pity the original version doesn't work, that flashlight mechanic was scary but I guess with 2 hands it's pointless! Also nice closing the door technique! ?

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