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  1. Thanks Ashwin for this video..
    May people understand this..
    In such economy people are getting attracted to company stretagies.

    Every months smartphones are launching successors of new phone are launching in 3 months.

    Phone which we buy gets on freaking sale in 2 months… this is ridiculous!!

  2. Yesterday itself i said same thing to one of my colleague when he bought another phone… They will make u bleed under EMI everything is affordable now. They are pushing to purchase.

    TV, Mobile, Cars, shares… All Depreciative!!

  3. Great eye opener…..very good explanation on how these brands are actually manupulating us in upgrading to a phone of higher price bracket within few months. Personally I have decided to upgrade phone only after new gen of network is launched by telecom operators.Like 3G, 4G etc…so my current phone is 4G & my next phone purchase will be only when 5G network gets launched.

  4. I recently upgraded from Redmi Note 4 to Nokia 8.1. I don't care about the brand but the software and hardware has to be to my preference. I was using Lineage on Redmi Note 4 so I wanted a similar experience and hence I went with Nokia 'cause of Android One.

  5. Im not a marketing person…but u have to admit…the price of 10k back then and 10k now isnt the same….price inflation is and should be a big factor….rest agreed…from c4etech…

  6. Right now I'm using 10.or G smartphone which was launched in September 2017.

    When friends see my phone, they ask me what kind of brand is this..?

    I feel proud and embarrassing at the same time… ??

  7. I don't hate any brand.. am not a fan of any brand.. for me and everyone who consulted on which phone to buy(depending on their budget) I always suggest them the best value for money.. even if it is a bit older model.. if they trust me they buy(most of them did) and if they don't I leave them alone.. simple as that..

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