Is Bitcoin Going to 100K in One Year? | Zak Mir Interview

Where could bitcoin be heading in one year by 2020? Is Bitcoin’s target ultimately 100K if the bull market continues… or is it 2K if it falls into a bear market? We examine the facts and charts with analyst Zak Mir. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD

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  1. great info! YES Recession and scarcity WILL BOOST Bitcoin and Crypto to NEW GREAT highs. BTC dominance now at 71.3% today ! There are 35 Million MILLIONAIRES in the world today – and ONLY approx 18 MILLION of BITCOIN (BTC) available ( not even – theres like 4 million lost ) DO THE MATH PEOPLE !! (and check my vlog if you please, thanks

  2. I disagree. Bitcoin is far from something like Libra, you cannot compare the two. Sure central banks are not very keen on Bitcoin but other financial institutions are, you cannot just say 'authorities' are against Bitcoin. That is too simple.

  3. Simple question: which of you, investors or holder's, is willing to sell his bitcoins today to buy them back for $ 2000? Who believes so much in this scenario today? Thank you.

  4. Yeah, we don't need central banks. Peer to peer banking is the way to go. Fiat currencies have no real value so why should it behave king over bitcoin or cryptocurrencies if they have no real value

  5. This guy Zac being interviewed really hasn't a clue about Bitcoin. Bitcoin will NEVER replace national currencies.
    Gresham's law says that Bitcoin will be a store of wealth. Gold is NOT controlled by the futures market. REAL Gold is controlled by supply and demand and the futures market is just gambling based on the underlying base price of real Gold. His lack of knowledge is amazing. Our presenter then says (as usual) Bitcoin could go up or down.

  6. What a truly ridiculous video. I have seen you come out with some rubbish on YouTube. For example your Elliott wave theory claptrap. But this video takes the cake.

    Really you are not sure which direction bitcoin is going to?

    You bring on your friend who is basically just in the business of pushing stocks. And he talks a bunch of waffle about how bitcoin will probably just go sideways.

    Then he speculates that alternative stores of values are controlled by the futures markets.

    Possibly maybe that the futures market have some influence. But they did nothing to stop the price of gold going from $250 per ounce in 1999 to $1600 per ounce in 2012. Nothing at all !!!

    I am sure all the governments around the world hate bitcoin. Because it is sound money which rivals their FIAT printing presses. Where they can print up endless amounts of bits of paper which are backed by absolutely nothing at all.

    This year bitcoin is up 300% and the year is not even over.

    We have just had a bear market. It is quite unlikely that it will be followed by another bad market.

    Also there is the bitcoin having coming up in less than 12 months.

    All of these factors look bullish!

    Cryptocurrency’s remind me of when downloadable music came into existence via the Internet.

    Record companies and entertainment industry did not like it one bit. But Slowly over time they realize there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop it. So eventually they changed their business model.

    The genie is out of the bottle. And all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put it back in again !!


    I am sorry to be harsh. But really you know better than this.

    Do you really think because he’s going down to $2000 after his already had a bear market? Do you think all the long-term holders of bitcoin around the world are suddenly going to sell it for to get back their paper fait money Which they chose of their own free will to convert to BTC? Get back all that paper FIAT just in time for the next worldwide recession??

    When the central banks around the world are going to be run in the printing presses like crazy. Where interest rates are already at zero. And the only stimulation of the economy will be more quantitative easing.

    Is that really a good time to be sat in paper money?

    Paper money is just a promissory note that the government of that country will be responsible and pay their debts and not do stupid stuff….

    Oh but look what is happening to the value of the UK pound. It’s in a bear market LOL !!!

  7. i am okay even it reaches 20k but the end of 2019, i just want to see BTC as the most powerful thing out there so that it can help other coins get the respect they deserve, there are also new projects like TELEX and Telecoin which have so much potential but is not appreciated cause of the present market..

  8. Hey Forbes said new flaws found in bitcoin on September 1st 2019! Dev team to reveal flaws on the 27th or 29th September. Getting mixed results on date. I haven't seen one article on this besides forbes and company's on two other small sites. Please give your opinion. Is this a btc pump we are experiencing before a major break down?

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