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  1. If this dude isnt going to talk about this so called harvester system I'm hearing about in the comments, he probably shouldn't be reviewing this game. Stardew Valley is a pretty shitty game if you never explore things like sprinklers, harvesters, and duplicators.

  2. The reviewer of this game seems biased as they don't like this type of game and cannot see it from the perspective of someone who does. This game deserves at minimum an 8 at this point.

  3. This is a negative propaganda review. I’m not even into the game but this guy is not at all neutral and doesn’t understand all the games mechanics

  4. I mean it’s annoying how you criticize aspects of this game that get fixed by mid game upgrades. It’s clear that this review only looked at the first 5-10 hours of gameplay. You still have the starting ship and some lane multi tool. I believe that this review is incredibly lazy as they obviously didn’t play for more than ten hours, and how can you make a comprehensive review on that amount of time?

  5. Very honest review. I love this game to death, but it's not really that mindblowing. It's got a cool, introspective, thought-provoking story loop, but after you've done it a few times, the shine is gone. It's still strangely fun and addictive to play and create in this universe, but I think that it's about time that they start working on a more fully fleshed-out sequel. It's an amazing new VR title, too.

  6. 7.8 really? And you do this for a living! Psvr update is all anyone could have asked for given the tech. IGN i think i will go elsewhere for my indepth reviews.

  7. I agree (wow never thought I would say that about IGN) the grind is the most annoying thing that just pushes me away from actually enjoying the game.

  8. If you get the right upgrade the grinding really isn't a problem. I got an upgrade for my thrusters and now I don't remember the last time I had to make thruster fuel for taking off. It's always full. Also it's easier to gather minerals as you explore instead of spending an hour to get all the mineral. Only in the beginning I had to gather minerals but once I got going I mine stuff as I go. It's a lot easier that way. Also opening crates gives you minerals. So the more crates you open and the more you explore the less grinding you need to do.

  9. Dont want to grind or have survival mechanics play creative. Happy to grind play normal. Wanna grind and have a challenge play survival. Want an even more punishing experience play perma death.

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