France To Ban Libra, BCH Futures Contracts, Luxury Cars For Bitcoin Cash, $50M BCH Tech Park planned

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►$50M Bitcoin Cash Tech Park planned for North Queensland, Australia
The CEO of Code Valley, Noel Lovisa, announced plans to build a $50 million Bitcoin Cash tech park in the city of Townsville. The park has plans for a sister project: A mining and server facility near the Kennedy Energy Park.


► prepares BCH futures contract initiated talks to list a BCH derivatives product on a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)-regulated exchange. Head of Exchange David Shin mentions that for Bitcoin Cash to “get from No. 4 to No. 3 or No. 2 [by market cap], we have to see more volume.”


► accepts BCH for various luxury vehicles
You can now buy luxury cars with BCH on, a platform that works with leading supercar dealers. The service has already been used to buy a Lamborghini, and luxury Range Rover paid 100% in cryptocurrency.


►California City Official Uses Bitcoin Cash to Purchase Cannabis
In California, cryptocurrency payments are making headway in the cannabis industry as Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett became the first elected official to purchase cannabis using a digital asset. On Tuesday, Bartlett utilized bitcoin cash (BCH) and Cred’s LBA token to facilitate the transaction at the Ohana Cannabis dispensary in Emeryville.


► sponsors World Digital Mining Summit
The event, organized by Bitmain, is being held October 8th-10th in Frankfurt, Germany. CEO Stefan Rust will be giving a keynote speech, and Bitmain will be revealing a comprehensive report on the mining ecosystem.


►France vows to block Facebook’s Libra currency
French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire: “I want to be absolutely clear: In these conditions, we cannot authorize the development of Libra on European soil.”


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