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  1. iPhone user here, but I still think this phone is fairly innovative.
    I’ll be interested in picking up a used one once the second hand market price depreciates significantly…

  2. Why Not make it 2 separated screens that join in the middle with magnets(along the side) I think it will still have a high failure rate it's just too brittle, from what we've been told anyway

  3. My phone is already 6.4 inches, I don't understand how they got away with making this such a small overall screen even if unfolded – at this point it's just a gimmick. Not even iPad Mini size… So I'll wait for when an actually useful-sized foldable shows up.

  4. They clearly didn’t do enough testing before releasing it. The issues with it were fairly easy to find with any real user testing. It’s good they fixed it

  5. I feel like iPhone users are the type of people that say "what do mean?" when you ask them about the specs of their phone.

    This didn't have anything to do with the video lol it's just something I've noticed.

  6. Man I don't need any more reviews on that phone , u covered it all , I know what changed and I understand what Samsung did and is doing , really good perspective of things ty

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